see what problems are there

Absence of real time monitoring

Absence of real time monitoring of polio teams..

No record of vaccine Dispensing.

There is No record of vaccine Dispensing and usage.

Threats to polio teams

No demarcation of Houses, Children’s and assigned area of polio team.

The poor routine EPI

The main cause of poor routine EPI in Pakistan is limited access to GPS services.

Vaccine drop its efficacy

Vaccine drop its efficacy due to poor Cold Chain mechanism in pakistan.

NO demarcation of Houses

No demarcation of Houses, Children’s and assigned area of polio team.


Our Solution

Integrated service delivery (ISD)

Integration of system with NADRA’S "VariSys", for the authenticate children Information and demarcation of their location to counter resual.

Missed children coverage. Ensure a robust Surveillance system

Establishing Central EPI Cloud for Data and surveillance services coupled with Central GPS mechanism

Focus on super high-risk Union Councils

Identify and characterize population clusters not yet reached by immunization efforts

Ensuring Controlled Temperature Chain (CTC)

Brands are responding to the attractiveness of adjacent services as part of their subscriptions. This has potential to develop in Pakistan and grow Internationally..

How it works

Team Get out polio
Ultimate Dream

Short Term Goals

  • Testing in real time environment.
  • Product Launch in Super High-risk Union Council.
  • At least five Service Level Agreement with NGO working for Eradication of Polio in Pakistan.

Long Term Goals

  • Launching Integrated Services Management.
  • At least 15 Service level Agreements.
  • Commissioning system at PTP (Permanents Transit Point) at Pak-Afghan Border.
  • Extending our company as services provider for cold chain supply line for vaccination of other diseases too.
  • Disease surveillance and management system for other disease outbreak.

Meet Our Teammates!


Muhammad Rashid

Co-founder & CEO


Mustafa Manzoor

Co-founder & CMO


Saleem Zubair



M. Qasim Riaz

Co-founder & Entrepreneurial Lead


Muhammad Aleem

Co-founder & Finance Lead


Muhammad Taha

Co-founder & Program Lead

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Get Out Polio is team of young individual from Pakistan who wanted to create a difference in society by developing solutions that can help mankind to eradicate the deadliest virus like polio. We are a service oriented company specifically working on projects related to health care and management.

— Get Out Polio

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